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GA metrics simplified
Get an instant, simplified display of key metrics - on top of your website
Measure user clicks
Set new events on your website without additional implementation by your dev team
advanced features
visualize user scroll-depth and track user flow with our funnel feature
how it works Three simple steps to accessible analytics
Download and install OVERLAY BI's chrome extension
Log in to your Google Analytics account
Browse to your site and get Google Analytics stats immediately!
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product these days, digital marketing managers need to ace various channels
key metrics summary Get a summary of your website performance on top of your webpage, Learn about where your users come from
GA events visualization Detect your existing GA events
and get the number of clicks next to each tracked CTA
Click-Trough Funnel Explore the user flow in your website
and get a visualization of your step-to-step conversion and drop-off
All you need to do is navigate from page to page in your site!
Want to get more out of OVERLAY BI?
Add our snippet to your site and take control over what you track!
Scroll-Depth Get a visualization of how far your users scroll on the page
Track clicks on your CTAs Point-and-click interface to create a new event OVERLAY BI can also auto-set events for you, on every clickable element in your website
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Setting up Google Analytics events by yourself - yes, by yourself!
by Overlay BI team posted at Jan 07, 2018
There is a big wall, standing between you and understanding your site analytics. That wall is comprised of two parts - the concrete (AKA your developer) and the wire (AKA your Google Analytics limitations)...
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Data is the king
by Overlay BI team posted at Jan 27, 2018
Data, data, data.... Data is the king - but while we might have a lot of data, we don’t access it very often....
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