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Why marketers hate asking developers for a favor
(or why we started Overlay BI)
Jan 07, 2018 / by Overlay BI team
Data is the new oil
That's great! But still, most marketers don't have access to it.
Marketers face two key challenges
First- there are too many dashboards and software that are hard to analyze. And second- because every time they want to implement a new feature, such as setting up a new event, they need to ask for development resources.
Here comes Overlay BI to the rescue
Our experience led us to develop a tool that empowers marketers to take ownership over their space, without having to navigate complex analytics software or heavily rely on developers.
How does it translate into actions?
As a site owner or a marketer, you can view key metrics on top of your website, as you go through your day. No need to get out of your work stream to understand what's the current status of your visitors. Second, you can easily set up new events without any involvement from developers. You can also view the stats of different events without having to open your Google Analytics and trying to match between lengthy names, such as homepage_secondCTA_toplefcorner (it should be something real), but simply hovering over the event to get all the info you need. Same goes for the funnel - simply navigate through your site and get stats for the users that "walked" the same path.