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Setting up Google Analytics events by yourself - yes, by yourself!
Jan 07, 2018 / by Overlay BI team
Understanding page level information is important, but we all know that the proof is in the pudding. In reference to site analytics, that would be the events themselves - clicks on tabs, filling forms and the holly grail - hitting that beautiful 'buy now' button, that you put so much effort into. Well, there is a big wall standing between you and that delicious pudding. That wall is comprised of two parts - the concrete (AKA your developer) and the wire (AKA your Google Analytics limitations). First things first- you need to set up the events. As much as you might like the idea of setting up different events on your website, your developers might not like it, as they will need to wrap each event with a piece of code. Nothing too sophisticated, but they most likely have plenty of work to do on the site itself, before they even start thinking of helping you understand what's going on with it's traffic and users. It should be done differently, and this is why we developed the mother of all snippets! With our SuperSnippet, your developer takes action only once. Then, you are free to mark any event you wish to track (check out our video at the bottom of the page to see how). We can even scan the entire webpage, and create an event for each of your clickable elements, if you want. The second challenge is to understand what you're setting up. While marking all events sounds great, your GA account would look very messy, as you can get up to hundreds of events in one page only. With Overlay, you can Overlay (yes, you got the idea!) your events' data in a way that allows everyone to understand what's going on.