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Data is the king
but engaging with it on a regular basis is the queen
Jan 27, 2018 / by Overlay BI team
Data, data, data....everyone in the digital industry is proud about their analytical skills and their abilities to read numbers. Well, here is a news flash for all of us - while we might have a lot of data, we don’t access it very often.

According to a research we conducted at OverlayBI, only 10% of the marketing people and site owners we surveyed (above 100 in total) are accessing their analytics every day. The rest engage with their analytics between once a week to once a month. That’s bad. Try to remember when was the last time you looked at your analytics data. And when was the previous time? I am sure that everyone is looking at their numbers when there is a big even such as a new website launch but the fact is that most of the revenue is being generated during regular days.
Why people don’t follow their analytics on a regular basis although they know how important it is?
Based on our research, the first reason relates to a basic human behavior that won't surprise you. People HATE friction (!) and login to your analytics account, browsing between tabs and setting dashboards is a burden that should be kept for deep analysis only. Not to simple tasks such as viewing the number of visitors over time in the last 7 days.

The second reason is driven by the fact that dashboards are hard to read. Yes, there was a big leap forward in the way data is presented today but the fact is that if you want to understand how people scrolled within your site, you actually have to have the site in front of you. Just think about the last time you tried to understand the funnel chart on analytics. Did you really understand it?!

Our view is that simple analytics tasks should be done while you are viewing your website in your natural workflow. Reading events data, viewing scroll depth analysis and learning about a specific user funnel should all be visualized on your site in zero friction and 100% simplicity. Your job is to run your business. Ours is to take friction out of the way and help you understand your numbers in a simple way.